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In order to get a user interface allowing you to access to the RestQA feature you can run the command

restqa dashboard

The command above will search for the .restqa.yml into the current folder.

Then you should be able to access to the dashboard through the url: http://localhost:8081


screenshot dashboard

Want to try online ?

Check the demo version online ๐Ÿ‘‡

online dashboard demo

Specify the configuration file

You can also explicitly specify a configuration file to use with the --config CLI option (resolved relative to cwd):

restqa dashboard --config ./tests/.restqa.yml

Or through the environment variable RESTQA_CONFIG

RESTQA_CONFIG=my-config.yml restqa dashboard

If you don't have .restqa.yml configuration file available you can run the command:

restqa dashboard --no-config

Specify the running port

You can also specify the port if you would like to run the dashboard on different port than 8081

restqa dashboard --port 3001

Or through the environment variable RESTQA_PORT

RESTQA_PORT=3001 restqa dashboard