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Example: Standard configuration


In this recipe we will just share how a minimal .restqa.yml configuration file looks like.

Let's use the api from jsonplaceholder

Curl command of the api to test

curl -X GET --url

Functional description


Using RestQA ๐Ÿฆ

version: 0.0.1 #Version of the current manifest
  code: CONFIG_STANDARD # Code name of the project
  name:  Standard Configuration file # Name of the project
  description: An example of a standard restqa configuration file  # Short description of the project
environments: #list of environments
  - name: local # name of your targeted environement
    default: true # In case of multiple environement define which one is default
    plugins: # List of plugin to enable
      - name: "@restqa/restqapi" # Plugin name
        config: # config required for the plugin restqapi
          url: # Url of your api gateway
    outputs: # List of outputs for current environement
      - type: html # Name of the output
        enabled: true # Enabled output

Run RestQA
restqa run